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Bruno Vassari LAB DIVISION Collagen Booster ENZYME CLEANSING POWDERCleansing powder with exfoliant effect. It contains enzymes that eliminate the mother cells, thus stimulating cellular regeneration. It unifies the tone and shine of the skin...
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Cosnobell TELOPLATIN Cellular Platinum Intensive SerumIntensive anti-ageing serum with the combination of active ingredients Telomere Protect and Platinum Matrix-EM.The highly effective complex promotes a longer lifetime of the cells, helps to preserve the natural moisture content and improves..
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Davines Natural Tech Purifying Anti-dandruff ShampooIt cleanses and purifies the scalp, fighting against microbial attacks and creating a heal­thy and clean environment. HOW TO USE: Apply 20 gr. of product to the scalp with damp hair and massage in, especially on ..
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Davines Natural Tech Replumping Superactive Leave-inThis no-rinse treatment compacts, tonifies and replumps hair structure. It gives hair longer lasting hold and excellent anti-humidity effect.Hair looks compact, voluminous and very shiny.  HOW TO USE:Apply Replumping Sham..
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GIGI Bioplazma CС Cream Color Corrector SPF 15 CC Cream Color Correction is a make-up combined with skin care cream, providing skin with an even and glamorous appearance all morning. Treats 5 signs of skin aging: uneven tone, blemishes, wrinkles, dryness and roughness. The cream is enriched with a..
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GMT BEAUTY Expecting No Stretch Marks Oil With Chia OilAn active combination of 12 natural oils with the addition of chia oil, rich with unsaturated fatty acids, improves the elasticity of the skin and ideally combats stretch marks during pregnancy and the lactation period. The oil reduces sens..
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Maxeylash Eyelash conditioner and growth serumMaxeylash is a gentle but effective eyelash serum that supports healthy, youthful lashes. Maxeylash enhances the eyelash growth making them grow longer, thicker, darker and stronger in 4 to 6 weeks.This product has been independently and clinic..
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