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Slim body

Slim body
Slim body
7 Day Cosmetics Fat Burning CreamThe selection of biologically active ingredients from coffee combats cellulite, breaks down the fat cells and improves the quality of the skin. Directions: mornings and evenings. Apply as desired on problem areas. Massage until fully absorbed. Aft..
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7 Day Cosmetics Body CreamSculpting cream for body with restoration effect of skin’s elasticity. Carefully selected and balanced natural ingredients refresh the skin, making it radiant and firm. Directions: mornings and evenings. Apply as desired on clean skin. Massage until full..
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7 Day Cosmetic Buttocks CreamAnti-celulite and modeling cream with the innovative Volufirming technology works on the skin at all levels. Skin regains firmness and vitality, providing beautifully formed shape. Directions: Apply locally on problem areas. Massage until fu..
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Anne Semonin Lipoliss Intense Firming Body SerumAn advanced body sculptor combining a cocktail of highly effective active ingredients which deliver visible tightening and firming results on problem areas like thighs, décolleté, stomach, upper arms and bottoms.HOW TO USEApply by massaging gently in t..
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Bruno Vassari Body Сare Slim Effect GelBody gel that favours the loss of volume and firms the tissues. The icy freshness that its actives provide stimulates cellular metabolism that helps burn stored fats...
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Comfort Zone Body Active Shower ScrubGel body scrub with natural exfoliating particles of Black Rice, Green Tea leaves and Matcha Tea. Promotes an effective and delicate cleansing. ..
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Comfort Zone Body Active CreamIdeal after physical activity, to promote a toning and antioxidant action. The maca polyphenols, from the Peruvian plant with adaptogenic properties, combined with a blend of energizing essential oils, results in a firming action.   ..
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Comfort Zone Body Strategist D-AGE CreamA rich and aromatic cream for the entire body, to fight the visible signs of aging, and nourish and improve the skin's elasticity, thanks to its firming action.Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive and very dry, for a daily application, as often a..
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GMT BEAUTY MAMA CARE SLIMMING CREAM FOR NURSING MOTHERSSlimming cream is specially created for safe use by nursing mothers. This unique cream is able to not only combat excess weight, but also prevent the accumulation of the excess weight. It gently warms, improves skin elasticity and contours ..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Enriched Slimming & Anti Сellulite CreamThe selection of biologically active ingredients from coffee combats cellulite, breaks down the fat cells and improves the quality of the skin. Use:Apply locally on the problem areas – hips, legs, arms. Massag..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Extra Firming Body Algae MaskUnique deeply moisturizing and toning mask with skin regeneration effect. The original formula stimulates regeneration processes of skin cells. Skin recovers its resilience and firmness. Mask has an excellent body contouring effect.  ..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Fat Burning & Slimming Algae MaskWarming, fat burning, anti-cellulite and body slimming mask. The mixture of algae, cacao, magnesium and green tea boosts blood circulation and metabolism. The treatment reduces fat cell volume and body becomes slim and firm.  ..
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