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Scrubs, peelings, exfoliating, converters

Scrubs, peelings, exfoliating, converters
Scrubs, peelings, exfoliating, converters
7 Day Cosmetics Face ScrubIdeal for purifying the skin. Natural ingredients and perfectly balanced pH provide active moisturising and nourishment for the skin, getting rid of dryness. The skin becomes soft, looks fresh and radiant.7 Day Face Peeling gently removes dead cells and prepares t..
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Anesi Aqua Vital ExfoliantCombines the exfoliant action of the Jojoba microparticles on the skin’s surface with the deep detoxifying effect of the Celldetox®.For smoother and brighter skin free of impurities. Stimulates skin regeneration, making sure it functions correctly. Facilitates the penetra..
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ANESI Cellular 3D Glycolic PeelNew generation peel, combining glycolic acid with encapsulated AHA´s.  Reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum for a skin lightening effect while reducing wrinkles. For ages 30+.Eliminates the superficial layers of the skin.Encourages cellular renewal.Op..
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Anesi Harmonie Gommage Caresse Combines the exfoliating properties of tomato AHA, with the soothing ones of Liquorice, to enhance a softer complexion with increased tone. 50 ml.Activates cellular renewal.Delicately refines and smoothes the skin texture.Provides the skin with new luminosity..
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Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask Infused with red seaweed and rice powder, this double-action mask removes dead skin cells and brightens the complexion. An ideal exfoliator before applying other Anne Semonin masks, great for dry skin or congested skin prone to blackheads.HOW TO USEA dual purpose: ..
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Bruno Vassari LAB DIVISION Collagen Booster ENZYME CLEANSING POWDERCleansing powder with exfoliant effect. It contains enzymes that eliminate the mother cells, thus stimulating cellular regeneration. It unifies the tone and shine of the skin...
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Bruno Vassari LAB DIVISION Collagen Booster MICRODERM POLISH POWDERImmediate action intensive peeling that eliminates the dead cells and remains of impurities on the skin’s surface. It smooths the skin, unifies the tone and decreases the imperfections...
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Bruno Vassari LAB DIVISION HA50X HYALURONIC SCRUB & MASKDouble action mask; peels and treats the skin in just one product. Due to the combination of perlite peeling particles and white clay, the skin looks clean, matte and free of dead cells...
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Christina Biophyto Herbal ComplexExfoliates, optimizes circulation and improves oxygenation. Detoxifies, corrects skin imperfections.An ideal combination of plants, innovative actives and beta-hydroxy acid. Works synergistically to support surface cell turnover. Exfoliates, optimizes circu..
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Christina Comodex Scrub & Smooth ExfoliatorGentle, creamy scrub, removes dirt and oil residue from the depth of pores, leaving the skin even-toned and without excessive shine.Use: Apply a uniform layer and leave on until completely dry. Remove with upward movements and rinse with ..
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