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Comfort Zone Tranquillity Body LotionAn aromatic, silky body emulsion with a light, hydrating texture that leaves the skin velvety and silky. Particularly suited to those who love products that absorb quickly and for hot, humid climates. Thanks to its reassuring aromatic notes, alleviates the..
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Comfort Zone Tranquillity Body CreamA rich, nourishing, aromatic body cream that is extremely enveloping and contributes in rendering the body skincare routine a true ritual of beauty and wellbeing. The rich and precious texture fuses with the skin, bestowing silkiness, profound hydration and s..
Ex Tax:57.85€
Comfort Zone Tranquillity Shower Cream A shower cream with remarkable hydrating properties, it leaves the skin silky and pleasantly scented. The creamy texture with a silky effect cleanses even the most delicate skin, thanks to the nourishing amaranth oil. The exclusive blend, w..
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Comfort Zone TranquillityAn aromatic, silky oil for the bath and for the body with nourishing amaranth oil and an exclusive blend of essential oils which favor an immediate sensation of wellbeing alleviating the state of stress and tension.  Its versatile formulation transform when ..
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Comfort Zone Tranquillity CandleAromatic relaxing candle.Tranquillity is the fragrance symbol of [ comfort zone ], this aromatic relaxing candle pleasantly perfumed with intense floral notes, sweet orange and cedarwood diffuses around you an exclusive and exquisite fragrance to create a pleasant fee..
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