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ANESI Epigenesse Hydra-Soft Toning Lotion Softening Toner brings an extra boost of comfort and hydration to dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins. Restores the lipidic barrier Conditions and improves skin suppleness. Velvety feel for super soft skin.How to use Apply on to cotton pads and use..
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS TONERGentle and refreshing toner that helps eliminate remains of make-up. It contains hyaluronic acid that gives it high moisturising power and provides elasticity and flexibility to the skin...
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Bruno Vassari LAB DIVISION Collagen Booster CLARIFYING MILKY TONERLight toner that completes yourdaily skin care. Protects the skinagainst the early ageing and lack of luminosity. Contains a stable derivative of the Vitamin C that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and a polysaccharide that h..
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Bruno Vassari LAB DIVISION Glyco System DUAL PHASE TONERDual phase toner, of which the liquid phase is formulated with glycolic acid, which produces a gentle peeling, while the powdered phase contains a by-product of corn that provides softness and a matt finish to the epidermis...
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Bruno Vassari Pure Solutions Binding Mattifying LotionToner that refreshes the skin, completing the cleansing of greasy or shiny skin. It refines the texture of the skin, closes the pores and provides a great feeling of comfort...
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Bruno Vassari Skin Comfort REFRESHING TONERThe toner takes away the remains of cleaning lotion, eliminates dead cells, pollution and sweat which accumulates on the epidermis throughout the day. It leaves the skin clean, smooth and moisturised, ready for the treatment...
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Bruno Vassari White BRIGHTENING LOTIONRefreshing and brightening toner. It retextures and unifies the skin’s surface thanks to the brightening ingredients. It prepares the skin for the whitening treatment...
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Christina Biophyto Refreshing Toner Purifies and tones, removes excess sebum.A treatment toner based on botanical ingredients. Purifies and tones while removing excess sebum. Does not dry the skin, leaves it well hydrated, feeling clean and refreshed.Use: Gently wipe face an..
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Christina Comodex Purify & Balance Toner The Purifying Toner is a natural astringent and invigorating antiseptic for cooling, calming and purifying the skin. Infused with powerful antibacterial extracts, the Purifying Toner maintains the skin’s moisture balance while dissolving pore-cl..
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Christina Forever Young Balancing TonerCleanses and tones skin without over-dryingThe Balancing Toner gently removes dull surface layers and pollutants, cleansing and toning skin without over-drying. This alcohol-free, moisturizing toner brightens, refines and renews all skin types, restor..
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Christina Forever Young Purifying Toner Alcohol-free face tonerThe Purifying Toner is an antioxidant-rich, alcohol-free toner that removes stubborn dirt, environmental residue and excess oils to purify the skin. Infused with a gentle astringent and antibacterial extracts, the Purifyin..
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Christina Fresh Purifying Toner for dry skinPurifying Toner, based on botanical cleansing agents, penetrates deeply into the pores to remove dirt and makeup residues while exfoliating dead cells. Simultaneously, it balances the pH and retains skin moisture for a nourished and fresh complex..
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