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Against stretch marks

Against stretch marks
Against stretch marks
Bruno Vassari Body Сare StrialiaSpecific cream that prevents the formation of stretch marks and tones down those already present. Based on organic silicon, collagen, elastin and gotu kola, which provide firmness and elasticity to the tissues...
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Comfort Zone Body Strategist D-AGE CreamA rich and aromatic cream for the entire body, to fight the visible signs of aging, and nourish and improve the skin's elasticity, thanks to its firming action.Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive and very dry, for a daily application, as often a..
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Comfort Zone Body Strategist OilInnovative oil of natural origin with intense elasticising localized action. Highly concentrated in natural oils, the product has an elevated viscosity that makes it suited for localized applications for an intensive action. Recommended against stretch marks and ..
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GMT BEAUTY MAMA CARE NO STRETCH MARKS OIL WITH CHIA OILAn active combination of 12 natural oils with the addition of chia oil, rich with unsaturated fatty acids, improves the elasticity of the skin and ideally combats stretch marks during pregnancy and the lactation period. The oil reduces sens..
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GMT BEAUTY MAMA CARE SKIN WITHOUT STRETCH MARKS CREAMA unique natural cream composition uncharacteristic for general creams is completely safe for pregnant women. The cream efficiency in combating stretch marks is provided by the purest natural formulae REGU®-STRETCH. The cream combats existing..
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Natinuel BODY VIBEXBODY VIBEX это особый крем против растяжек. Инновационная формула этого крема содержит высокую концентрацию новейших биоактивных комплексов.Приемущества: BODY VIBEX дает значительное улучшение внешнего вида и структуры кожи. Кожа обновленная, ровная и плотная. ..
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Yellow Rose Mommy's Body OilNew body oil for the daily skin care of future mothers (fragrance free).Selected natural oils and extracts help fight skin dryness and lack of elasticity, contributing to the prevention of stretch marks. Quickly absorbed, leaves the skin soft and smooth. ..
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