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Menard Authent Eau de Parfum Based on cutting-edge research related to skin formation,a new approach has been developed for creating fragrances. A special fragrance that refreshes and brightens women The oxytocin, which activates stem cells, is secreted when a special fragrance made from ..
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Menard Authent Mask IIFacial mask of AUTHENT Mask II contains a new ingredient “Semi-petal Rose Extract” that prevents the reduction of stem cells in the face. The improved lipid-soluble ingredient. “Sweet Cherry Seed Extract” in the facial mask of AUTHENT Mask II can increase stem cell effect ..
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Menard Authent Neck EssenceActive ingredients: coenzyme Q10, ceramides, wild cherry extract, Dictyophora Indusiata mushroom extract.  Effect: rejuvenation, skin renewal.  Manufacturer’s recommendations: use daily, apply with light gentle massage movements, from top to bottom – from the chi..
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