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Micellar Water

Micellar Water
Micellar Water
Christina Illustrious Micellar Water Submicronized micelle capsules work like a magnet, attracting and removing impurities and makup.When in contact with skin, the micelle capsules break down releasing mild surfactants that allow quick, effortless, safe, non irritating use on the eye ..
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Clarena Immun Balance Line Probio Micellar Liquid Probiotic micellar liquid for face and eyes makeup removal particularly recommended for sensitive skin. All kind of impurities and sebum from the epidermis are attracted and absorbed by micelles that operate like a magnet.  ProBioBalance CL..
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DERMAСEUTIC LABORATOIRE Purify Micellar Cleansing WaterOxybiome effectively removes make-up and purifies the skin. Supports the skin’s natural microbiota. Anti-pollution effect. For daily cleansing. All skin types, ideal for imperfections and redness.Fragrance free..
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GMT BEAUTY the Essence Micellar Cleansing WaterGently cleanses your skin, removing decorative and waterproof cosmetics. Suitable for all skin types, also sensitive skin. Micelles effectively bind impurities, preserving the natural balance of the skin.Use: moisten a cosmetic swab with water..
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Mary Cohr Micellar Cleansing Water Small particles of the facial cleansing water captures and dissolves all unwanted residue. No need to rub the face causing redness and irritation. Tested under the observation of ophthalmologists.HOW TO USEApply on the cotton pad and gently cleanse around the ..
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Soskin Micelle water What is it?Micellar water gently removes makeup and impurities, suitable for all skin types. Can be used for delicate eyes and lips. Instantly emulsifies impurities, does not violate the integrity of the hydrolipid mantle, and maintains the pH of the skin. Cucumber extract ..
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Yellow Rose Micellar Cleansing Water Micellar water for gentle cleansing of the face, eyes, lips and neck. Specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skins (Ophthalmologically and Dermatologically tested on sensitive skins). Suitable for contact lens users. Clean..
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