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Cosnobell HYDRAPORIN Moisturizing Cell-Active EmulsionThe revitalising, rich emulsion drenches the skin with moisture and thus optimises the skin's hydration content.It stimulates the cell activity and strengthens the skin's restistance. Fine lines are ironed out and the skin's suppleness is im..
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GIGI Derma Clea Skin Face Wash With Salicylic 2% A gentle cleansing lotion which purifies the skin, removing dirt and make up residue. Neutralizes pollutants that cause outbreaks and cleanses enlarged pores. Leaves skin feeling refreshed without causing dryness. Dermatologically tested and pr..
Ex Tax:42.56€
Matis Reponse Jeunesse Essential Cleansing EmulsionAdapted to all skin types, it removes makeup and impurities. ..
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Menard Embellir LiquidSuper rich moisturizing lotion-emulsion with anti-aging ingredients.  Intensely hydrate the skin A unique texture combining lotion and emulsion Easily and rapidly permeate the skin Leave a soft-touch protective layer on the skin Reduce the appearance of ageing signsUTILISA..
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Menard Fairlucent Emulsion An emulsion that is light on the skin and spreads easily to gently surround the skin and keep moisture in. Makes skin moist, smooth, and translucent.  After the lotion, maintains the moisture for the whole day Makes the skin moist, smooth and translucent Preven..
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Menard Saranari EmulsionA silky textured emulsion for creating serene beauty.  Replenishes the skin with moisture and elasticity and maintains it throughout the day Softens the skin Readily absorbed by the skin without leaving sticky residue Wraps the skin into intense moisture to protect it fr..
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