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Bruno Vassari White WHITE-LIGHTLocalised anti-blemishes treatment, with kojic acid that inhibits the synthesis of melanin and lactic acid that unifies the tone of the skin by means of gentle exfoliation...
Ex Tax:34.71€
Bruno Vassari White BRIGHTENING LOTIONRefreshing and brightening toner. It retextures and unifies the skin’s surface thanks to the brightening ingredients. It prepares the skin for the whitening treatment...
Ex Tax:31.82€
Bruno Vassari White CREAMY CLEANSING FOAMCreamy cleansing foam, the first step for a radiant skin. It cleans the skin gently and deeply. It contains a by-product of Vitamin C that performs a glowing action...
Ex Tax:31.82€
Bruno Vassari White DAY PROTECTION SPF 15Day whitening cream with solar filter, vitamin C, which reduces blemishes and an antioxidant complex that protects against free radicals...
Ex Tax:33.06€
Bruno Vassari White BRIGHTENING ESSENCE GELBrightening and anti-wrinkle gel that contains vitamin C which reduces the pigmentation, impedes the appearance of new blemishes and stimulates the production of collagen, all of which results in a reduction of wrinkles. It illuminates lifeless skin an..
Ex Tax:45.45€
Bruno Vassari White PURE CIntensive whitening serum. The combination of kojic acid, plant extracts and vitamin C whiten and Illuminate the skin and prevent the appearance of blemishes...
Ex Tax:43.80€
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