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Sun protection

Sun protection
Sun protection
Anne Semonin Oligo Protect Cream SPF30 A guardian angel for city skin vulnerable to environmental stresses. Rich in marine minerals its lightweight, melt-away texture leaves skin supple and luminous, while SPF30 UVA and UVB filters guard against premature signs of ageing.HOW TO USEApply in the ..
Ex Tax:74.38€
Christina Biophyto Ultimate Defense Day Cream SPF 20Provides UVA /UVB and antioxidative protection.A physical sunscreen provides moisturizing and UVA /UVB protection, strengthens the skin barrier and improves elasticity.Use: Apply a thin layer onto face...
Ex Tax:32.23€
Christina Biophyt Ultimate Defense Tinted Day Cream SPF 20Provides UVA /UVB and antioxidative protection. Disguises redness and hydrates. Restores glow, even tone and unifies texture.A physical sunscreen cream with a light tint to disguise redness. Provides UVA / UVB, and anti-oxidative pr..
Ex Tax:32.23€
Christina Comodex Mattify & Protect Cream SPF 15The Mattifying Sunscreen SPF-15 provides antioxidant skin saving action to reduce the signs of aging. The non-comedogenic, oil-free UVA/UVB Mattifying Sunscreen formula is based on natural humectants for long-lasting protection and moistu..
Ex Tax:39.67€
Christina Illustrious Day Cream SPF 50 Rich in photo-protective agents, enhances brightness and luminosity.Reduces pigmentation caused by environmental damage, and simultaneously prevents new dark spots from forming. New sunfilters technology boosts broad spectrum UVA+UVB defense. Hya..
Ex Tax:59.50€
Clarena Immun Balance Line Lotus SPF30 YogurtAnti-sun yoghurt with SPF 30. Due to the chemical and mechanical filters, the cream guarantees optimum protection against UVA and UVB radiation. The yoghurt extract actively moisturises, soothes and smoothes the skin without leaving an oily film on its su..
Ex Tax:25.62€
Clarena Sensitive Line Sun Protect Cream SPF50+The preparation ensuring the protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Combination of chemical and mineral filters ensures full photostability, prevents from hyperpigmentation, photoallergic reactions, and reduces the risk of rash...
Ex Tax:24.79€
Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50Krambe oil, a natural oil and rich in unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, provides the upper skin layers with sufficient moisture. It slows down the premature skin aging process and protects the skin from wind, frost and sun rays. The nourishing property en..
Ex Tax:66.12€
Comfort Zone Sun Soul Face Cream SPF30 Anti-aging sunscreen for the face Rapidly absorbed sunscreen with a biomimetic peptide and antioxidant agents. Helps protect against the signs of light-induced skin aging.Use: Apply liberally before sun exposure. Repeat application. This applies in partic..
Ex Tax:26.45€
Comfort Zone Sun Soul Milk Kids SPF50+ Frangrance free milk spray for the face and body with high UVA and UVB protection. The formula combines the skin protection with Aloe Vera juice, sweet almond oil and Karité butter for a nourishing and hydrating action on the skin ..
Ex Tax:33.06€
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