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Bruno Vassari The Specifics VITALISING MASKAnti-wrinkles mask treatment that activates the metabolism of the skin. It helps to firm and nourish the cellular tissue, favouring the elasticity of the skin and smoothing out wrinkles...
Ex Tax:26.03€
Bruno Vassari The Specifics AQUA PURADeep cleansing in only one stroke. Removes completely any trace of facial make up while cleansing all the impurities with no irritation, included the most sensitive skins. No need to rinse off after use..
Ex Tax:16.53€
Bruno Vassari The Specifics SELECTIVECream that protects the skin from the transepidermal lost of water and moisturises the skin providing a high level of elasticity, tightness and softness. Calms and decreases the sensitivity of the skin and irritations. Recommended for sensitive and dry skin...
Ex Tax:21.07€
Bruno Vassari The Specifics VITAMIN EYE CREAMAnti-wrinkles cream for the eye contour with nutritive and antioxidant action. It acts against dryness and tones down the expression lines leaving the skin smooth and soft. Gives the skin elasticity and comfort. ..
Ex Tax:20.25€
Bruno Vassari The Specifics BIO-DOUCEBiphasic product of ultra-rapid formula, oil-free effect, it eliminates all types of make-up from eyes and lips, even waterproof make-up...
Ex Tax:13.64€
Bruno Vassari The Specifics FACE & NECK SOMEMulti-vitamin cream that acts as a re-structurer, it favours cellular regeneration and prevents the premature ageing of the skin. It carries out a firming action that increases with the daily application of the cream...
Ex Tax:35.54€
Bruno Vassari The Specifics HYDRO-INTENSIVE MASKMask with moisturising and relaxing effect. Suitable for all types of skin, especially normal youthful or combined skins that have very few impurities, since as well as moisturising the skin it helps detoxify it and improve the appearance of the s..
Ex Tax:26.03€
Bruno Vassari The Specifics PULIZIAScrub-type exfoliant. It eliminates the dead cells of the corneal layer, cleansing the skin in depth and favouring the oxygenation of the cells. It makes the skin bright and soft...
Ex Tax:28.10€
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