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7 Day Cosmetics Fat Burning CreamThe selection of biologically active ingredients from coffee combats cellulite, breaks down the fat cells and improves the quality of the skin. Directions: mornings and evenings. Apply as desired on problem areas. Massage until fully absorbed. Aft..
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7 Day Cosmetics Body CreamSculpting cream for body with restoration effect of skin’s elasticity. Carefully selected and balanced natural ingredients refresh the skin, making it radiant and firm. Directions: mornings and evenings. Apply as desired on clean skin. Massage until full..
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7 Day Cosmetics Drainage Gel BodyEffective anti-edema and anti-heavy legs gel with moisturizing effect. The carefully selected specific natural ingredients provide lymphatic and venous drainage. Directions: use mornings and/or evenings when necessary or if you feel heavy legs. ..
Ex Tax:26.45€
7 Day Cosmetics Hand CreamInnovative water-based hand cream provides excellent hydration, immediately smoothes wrinkles and evens the skin tone. Directions: Apply to clean hands, gently massage until fully absorbed.Caution: Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs..
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7 Day Cosmetic Buttocks CreamAnti-celulite and modeling cream with the innovative Volufirming technology works on the skin at all levels. Skin regains firmness and vitality, providing beautifully formed shape. Directions: Apply locally on problem areas. Massage until fu..
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7 Day Cosmetics Breast CreamFor breast, neck and décolleté with innovative Volufirming technology acting on skin at all levels. It revitalizes décolleté, makes it radiant, effectively fills the existing wrinkles and adds volume and shape for breasts. Directions: mornings and even..
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