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Poison Line

Poison Line
Poison Line
Clarena Poison Line 60 Seconds Snake CreamA lifting day cream for the care of a mature skin with multiple wrinkles and lacking elasticity. Due to the contents of Syn-Ake® - a snake venom - the cream prevents the formation of wrinkles by preventing muscle contraction. Its light formula makes the..
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Clarena Poison Line Snail Gel Mask A gel mask that regenerates the skin after intense professional cosmetic treatments.It contains a natural and ecologic ingredients acquired through the extraction of snail mucus – Poly-Helixan PF – that stimulates regeneration, eliminates scars and restores th..
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Clarena Poison Line Snail Mucin CreamLight cream with snail mucus designed for the care of irritated and problematic skins. Thanks to the Poly-Helixan PF received from the snail mucus, accelerates healing and promotes the renewal of damaged skin. It supports the synthesis of collagen and makes the s..
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Clarena Poison Line Snail Mucin ElixirThe snail mucin extract (Poly-Helixan PF) has regenerating properties and facilitates regeneration of damaged epidermis. Stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin smooths out and rejuvenates the skin. It contains Antileukine 6®, i.e. extract from gold..
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