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Mary Cohr (France)

Mary Cohr (France)
Mary Cohr (France)
Mary Cohr Age Firming CreamFacial cream with anti-aging and firming dual effect. The sea buckthorn and algae extract improve the quality of the dermis and prolong the life cycle of the skin cells. The hydrocyproline stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. Restores youthfulness and r..
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Mary Cohr Age Signes Corrector Instantly smoothing serum pen that fills and smoothes wrinkles and fine facial features.HOW TO USERemove the cap and press the button on the end of the pen to dispense the serum. Apply along the wrinkle line and massage gently. Use in the mornings and evenings und..
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Mary Cohr Age Signes Night Refill A special skincare product designed for nightly use against the signs of aging. The skin’s renewal process is at its most active during the night, and the skin is significantly more susceptible to various active ingredients. The serum mask combines the excellen..
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Mary Cohr Age Signes Repair A genuinely intensive high-concentration rejuvenating serum with 60 cell active ingredients that combat the signs of aging. The skin is visibly younger, wrinkles and signs of aging are reduced.EFFECTThe 60 cell active ingredients - Repair the cell DNA.Hyaluronic..
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Mary Cohr Age Signes Reverse Anti-Ageing Immunity Cream Powerfully rejuvenating cream strengthens the skin´s immunity. Luxurious formula created to reverse the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. The smooth and melting texture penetrates perfectly into the skin, improv..
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Mary Cohr Age Signes Reverse Eyes Visibly reduces signs of aging and tiredness. Strengthens the immune system of the skin, firms the skin and eyelids, evens fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin glowing. Leaves the eye contour youthful.EFFECT✓ Lifted eyelids.✓ Firmer eye contour..
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Mary Cohr Soothing Cleansing MilkCooling cleansing milk with White orchid and Shea oil extracts. Gently removes residue and makeup.HOW TO USEApply onto skin with circular movements in the mornings and evenings with fingertips or a cotton pad. Rinse warm water. Tone...
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Mary Cohr Cleansing Purifying Foam Cleansing foam for oily skin. 100% soap free deep cleanser for long-term freshness. Leaves the skin clean, residue and bacteria-free. Apply onto palms and massage onto face and neck in circular movements. Rinse with warm water.HOW TO USEApply in the mornings a..
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Mary Cohr Double Youth Eye Contour Intensively rejuvenating eye cream with hyalyronic acic and mango butter that hydrates the sensitive skin around the eyes and reduces fine lines creating comfort and softness. Light reflecting particles and pearl pigment add radiance and reduce dark circles. C..
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Mary Cohr Double Youth Multi-Cellular Cream The special anti-aging cream fills two main purposes that help women maintain a more youthful look.1. Helps to regenerate cells by reducing toxins.2. Protects skin DNA neutralizing the aging of skin.EFFECTHydrolyzed DNA - Protects the s..
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Mary Cohr Enriched New Youth Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Gives instant results thanks to the double effect on both the tissue and cellular level. Visible results in only a week. Designed for women who want to prevent the signs of aging. Especially advisable in the winter when the skin need..
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Mary Cohr Expert Face Sculptor Firming cream-serum shapes the face and outlines contours forming an invisible “network” that restructures, tightens and smoothes the skin. Hydosmose Complex ensures hydration by retaining water in the cells and limiting moisture loss through the skin surface. The..
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