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Holy Land BIO REPAIR Cellular Concentrated Oil BIO REPAIR CELLULAR CONCENTRATED OIL WITH VITAMIN E is blend of oils enriched with vitamin E rehabilitation booster. It increases the skin cells’ natural recovery and the skin’s power to fight environmental stress, thus improving overall skin textu..
Ex Tax:45.87€
Holy Land BIO REPAIR Cellular Firming GelBIO REPAIR CELLULAR FIRMING GEL is an exceptional product based on Aloe Leaf juice and Repair Complex, which acts as a first-ait kit after peels and effectively restores and rehabilitates damaged skin. It gives a tightening and firming effect while being prom..
Ex Tax:38.43€
Holy Land BIO REPAIR Cream Mask BIO REPAIR CREAM MASK is rehabilitation mask enriches the skin and gives a soft, supple feeling, especially after peels. It based on a mixture of healing plant extracts Repair Complex stimulates a natural healing process, inhibits premature ageing of the skin and..
Ex Tax:36.78€
Holy Land BIO REPAIR Day CareBIO REPAIR DAY CARE is potent moisturiser formulated with Repair Complex, Vitamin E, stimulates the skin’s natural restorative process and prevents loss of moisture. The formulation softens fine line, improves the skin’s elasticity and restores its balance following nega..
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Holy Land BIO REPAIR Night CareBIO REPAIR NIGHT CARE is a rich nourishing cream formulated with vitamin E, collagen and Repair Complex, especially effective in stimulating the skin’s natural restorative process. The antioxidant formulation delays the appearance of premature age signs, improve skin’s..
Ex Tax:39.26€
Holy Land BIO REPAIR Special TonerBIO REPAIR SPECIAL TONER is unique, gentle skin toner formulated with Repair Complex to smoothie, moisturise, stimulate the skin’s healing process and leave a fresh, toned texture.Key ingredients:Repair ComplexElastinCollagenVitamin EAloe VeraGuaiazulene & Jojob..
Ex Tax:28.51€
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