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Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturisation Cream Deep moisturizing face cream for dry and dehydrated skin. Contains Hydrosmose complex, olive extract and Vitamin E. Keeps the skin moisturized all day.HOW TO USEDaily cream. Apply to pre-cleansed face and neck in the mornings and evenings...
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Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturisation Mask A lightly textured mask that deeply moisturizes within the skin cells and maintains long-lasting hydration. 10 minutes of relaxation will result in soft pleasant skin and a fresh radiant complexion. Signs of tiredness will disappear and wrinkles..
Ex Tax:25.62€
Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Cellular Moisturisation Serum Moisturizing facial serum deeply moisturizes the skin and restores radiance. Contains Lavender, Salvia and Rosemary essential oils.HOW TO USEApply serum under facial cream every morning and evening for a month...
Ex Tax:50.41€
Mary Cohr Hydrosmose Eye Contour Invigorating daily moisturizing eye cream for permanent hydration. The light and velvety texture cream thoroughly moisturizes the skin around the eyes, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines caused by lack of moisture. It also activates the skin’s microcirculation, w..
Ex Tax:30.58€
Mary Cohr I.H.C Incredible Hydrating Cream Revolutionary moisturizing facial cream that restores hydration. The fine-tuned formula guarantees the moisturization and the retention and distribution of moisture in the facial skin. The incredibly hydrated skin looks younger, illuminated and feels s..
Ex Tax:71.07€
Mary Cohr Ingenious Cream SPF15 Moisturizing and toning chameleon cream that changes shade when in contact with the skin. Gives the skin a beautiful fresh complexion, moisturizes and protects. A universal product for an immediately fresh complexion.HOW TO USEMoisturizing daily cream. Apply to p..
Ex Tax:26.03€
Mary Cohr Light Moisturizing cream Moisturizing light-textured facial cream containing Hydrosmose complex and vitamin B5. Hydrates the skin and illuminates complexion.HOW TO USEDaily cream. Apply to pre-cleansed face and neck in the mornings and evenings...
Ex Tax:28.51€
Mary Cohr Overnight BeautyMoisturizing and revitalizing gel cream that restores the body´s biological procedures and relaxes the skin overnight. The skin looks well rested, fresh and revitalized. Reduces first signs of aging. The perfect product for a real beauty sleep.• Pleasant gel-like texture.• ..
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