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Yellow Rose Aloe Vera Gel Soothing and moisturising gel with 86% Organic active Aloe vera gel, specially formulated for sensitive skin types.Ideal supplement for moisturising and soothing face and body care beauty treatments. Calms, moisturises and leaves skin fresh and soft...
Ex Tax:17.36€
Yellow Rose Ginger Body Cream With SilkA light-weight slimming body cream for daily body care with Ginger and Silk proteins.Instantly moisturises the skin and enhances its elasticity and firmness. A superior formula with soft and rich texture leaves skin silky smooth, supple, firm and..
Ex Tax:25.62€
Yellow Rose Ginger Body Gel With Gold and SilkA luxurious, highly advanced gel with 23 karat gold, silk proteins, lipolytic and firming and moisturising ingredients for an intensive body care.Firms, tones, improves skins elasticity and helps reduce cellulite. Leaves skin silky smooth,..
Ex Tax:42.98€
Yellow Rose Ginger Body Oil With 23k GoldSkin softening body oil with 23k Gold and natural essential oils (Ginger, Clove, Zedoary).Suitable for luxurious professional slimming and toning body massage and daily body care. Easily applied to the skin for a light, even glide and smooth wo..
Ex Tax:35.54€
Yellow Rose Body Gel Toning and FirmingCreates a cooling and fresh feel on the skin while it stimulates the connective tissue and supplies aminoacids for the synthesis of elastic fibres. Ideal after massage or sauna.Using this Product: Use daily. Apply to clean skin ..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Yellow Rose Mommy's Body OilNew body oil for the daily skin care of future mothers (fragrance free).Selected natural oils and extracts help fight skin dryness and lack of elasticity, contributing to the prevention of stretch marks. Quickly absorbed, leaves the skin soft and smooth. ..
Ex Tax:19.83€
Yellow Rose Cellu-Slim Body GelBased on biologically active compounds, this concentrated slimming body gel reduces "orange-peel" skin.Rich in lipolytic and firming ingredients that act in synergy, restores elasticity, tones tissue and helps eliminate cellulite.Can be combine..
Ex Tax:37.19€
Yellow Rose Chocolate Body CreamAn elegant formula for daily body care with an exclusive complex of natural ingredients and bio-active compounds that visibly smooth and help firm and tone the skin. Pure pleasure for your senses with natural extracts of Cacao and Grapefruit for a ..
Ex Tax:21.49€
Yellow Rose Chocolate Body ScrubHelps remove dead skin cells and leaves skin soft and smooth.Prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients of body slimming and firming treatments and especially of the Yellow Rose Chocolate Body treatment products.Using this Product:  ..
Ex Tax:21.90€
Yellow Rose Ginger Body ScrubHelps remove dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.Prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients of body slimming and firming treatments and especially of the Yellow Rose Golden Line Body products.Using this Product:Use 1 ..
Ex Tax:21.90€
Yellow Rose Herbal Body ScrubExfoliating body scrub gel with Sugar crystals, herbal extracts and natural essential oils.Content of 98% natural origin. Cleanses and leaves the skin soft and smooth by removing surface dead cells and impurities.  Prepares also the skin to ..
Ex Tax:24.79€
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