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Dr. Renaud (France)

Dr. Renaud BOTANIC Intensive Hydrating Youth CreamProvides an instant moisturising effect, controls moisture loss and stimulates the synthesis of moisturising factors to restore skin suppleness and comfort. It appears intensely rehydrated, smooth and glowing with youth. How to Use  Ap..
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Dr. Renaud Botanic Intensive Hydrating Youth SolutionProviding a real shot of moisture, this pro-youth solution containing Poppy Flower stem cell extracts combined with our Hyaluronic Acid complex (High & Low Molecular Weight) and Vitamin B3 will provide an instant moisturising effect while..
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Dr. Renaud BOTANIC Intensive Perfect Complexion Youth Cream A real complexion brightening shot, this pro-youth solution with extracts of Snow Lotus Flower stem cells will help provide an immediate moisturising effect while acting on the systems that result in pigmentation spots. Regenerated and..
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