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Anesi Aqua Vital LotionLotion for all skin types that effectively removes make-up, cools and provides the skin with 3-dimensional intelligent hydration.Optimally purifies the skin, removing any last traces of milk cleanser. Tones and refreshes the skin, unclogging pores. Moisturises the skin fr..
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ANESI Epigenesse Hydra-Soft Toning Lotion Softening Toner brings an extra boost of comfort and hydration to dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins. Restores the lipidic barrier Conditions and improves skin suppleness. Velvety feel for super soft skin.How to use Apply on to cotton pads and use..
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Anne Semonin Botanical Toner This Toner has been formulated with witch hazel for its anti-oxidant and astringent properties to gently tone, soothe and rebalance the skin. Use on its own or customize to your skin’s needs by adding Anne Semonin Intensive Complexes. Suitable for all skin types.HOW..
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Anne Semonin Marine EmulsionA very light, non-greasy emulsion that gently hydrates and protects. Formulated with shea butter and sea algae to nourish and regenerate, it brightens the complexion while improving youthful elasticity. Ideal for oily skins or rebalancing during summer months.HOW TO USEPr..
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Anne Semonin Marine Toner Formulated with seawater, rose floral water and Jania Rubens extracts, this matifying lotion revitalizes dull, blotchy complexions. It is also an excellent after-shave lotion that is both invigorating and soothing. Recommended for combination to oily skin.HOW TO USEApp..
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS SORBET LIGHTSelf-moisturising liquid cream for normal and oily skins. It selectively stimulates the natural moisturising components of our epidermis in order to maintain the appropriate water and lipid balance...
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS SORBET RICHSelf-moisturising cream for normal and dry skins. It recreates the natural moisturisation of the skin maintaining the balance of water and lipids in the epidermis...
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS TONERGentle and refreshing toner that helps eliminate remains of make-up. It contains hyaluronic acid that gives it high moisturising power and provides elasticity and flexibility to the skin...
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Christina Forever Young 3luronic serum 3 MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID: • High MW hyaluronic acid fraction for lasting hydration, barrier repair function and skin soothing. • Mid MW hyaluronic acid HA fraction penetrates into deeper epidermis to restore skin’s moisture retention capabil..
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Christina Forever Young Gentle Cleansing MilkCleans and hydrates skinThe luxuriant Gentle Cleansing Milk removes impurities and excess oils while improving skin moisture. This non-comedogenic cleansing agent fights free radicals and removes dead cells. Enriched with botanical extracts, the..
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Christina Forever Young Hydra Protective Day Cream SPF 25Formulated to deliver long-lasting hydration and high-level protection without clogging skin poresThe Hydra Protective Day Cream delivers maximum hydration with a long-lasting moisturizer and high-level UVA UVB protection. Combining ..
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Christina Forever Young Moisture Fusion CreamThe super-concentrated lightweight cream provides optimal, long lasting hydrationThe super-concentrated lightweight cream provides optimal, long lasting hydration by supplying the skin with a unique moisturizing complex. Enriched with extra low ..
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