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Massage Cream

Massage Cream
Massage Cream
7 Day Cosmetics Massage Face & Bodyperfect for use in any massage. Efficiently prevents skin aging. Provides easy glide, deep hydration, nourishment and relaxation. Directions: Apply on the skin, follow with massage procedures.Caution: Avoid contact with the eyes. I..
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Bruno Vassari Anti Stress VITALISING MASSAGE CREAMFacial massage cream that provides firmness and eliminates the stress and tiredness of the skin. It contains Glucosyl Hesperidin which improves the micro-circulation and provides brightness to dull and lifeless skin...
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Menard Embellir Refresh Massage A double action product: cleansing cream and massage cream for a full and efficient anti-aging skincare.  Gently takes off impurities while leaving the skin moisturized and refreshed Enhances relaxation with the finest feeling Promotes blood circulation Prepares..
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Menard Fairlucent Refresh Massage A massage cream that helps skin appear translucent, while moisturizing and brightening. Also suitable for use as a cleansing cream.  Takes gently impurities away while leaving the skin moisturized and refreshed Enhances relaxation with the finest feeling Promo..
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Menard Saranari Refresh Massage A velvety textured massage cream that rejuvenates the skin for creating serene beauty. Can be used as a cleansing cream Massages and cleanses the skin Restores moisture and leaves the skin more plump and elastic without wrinkles or sagging appearance Helps the ..
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Menard Tsukika Massage Cream This purifying care provides a tonic facial massage for a healthy bright skin.  Provides a new elasticity to your skin Lights up your complexion Regulates the skin metabolism Provides a sustainable cool feeling Boosts blood circulationUTILISATION Apply over the fa..
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