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Bruno Vassari (Испания)

Bruno Vassari Aha MULTI EFFECT CREAMIt gently eliminates dead cells and stimulates cellular renewal. It lightens and unifies the tone of the skin. It moisturises and smooths wrinkles providing elasticity, firmness and smoothness to the skin on the face and neck...
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Bruno Vassari Aha GLYCOLIC CREAM 10%Cream with 10% glycolic acid that favours cellular renewal and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It lightens the skin leaving it smooth and moisturised...
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Bruno Vassari Aha SKIN CLEANSERFacial lotion with glycolic acid. It works as a deep cleansing agent and prepares the skin for later treatment...
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Bruno Vassari Anti Stress DAILY CREAM (NORMAL SKIN)Light anti-tiredness daily cream that contains trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese which re-establish cellular energy. Its main activity is that of relaxing and moisturising the skin...
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Bruno Vassari Anti Stress SELF FOAMING CLEANSERVery gentle instant foam that is easily removed with water...
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Bruno Vassari Anti Stress VITALISING MASSAGE CREAMFacial massage cream that provides firmness and eliminates the stress and tiredness of the skin. It contains Glucosyl Hesperidin which improves the micro-circulation and provides brightness to dull and lifeless skin...
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS CLEANSERCleansing milk that cleanses and eliminates in depth any make-up and remains of environmental dirt from the face...
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS SORBET LIGHTSelf-moisturising liquid cream for normal and oily skins. It selectively stimulates the natural moisturising components of our epidermis in order to maintain the appropriate water and lipid balance...
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS SORBET RICHSelf-moisturising cream for normal and dry skins. It recreates the natural moisturisation of the skin maintaining the balance of water and lipids in the epidermis...
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Bruno Vassari Aqua Genomics AQUA GENOMICS TONERGentle and refreshing toner that helps eliminate remains of make-up. It contains hyaluronic acid that gives it high moisturising power and provides elasticity and flexibility to the skin...
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Bruno Vassari Body Сare StrialiaSpecific cream that prevents the formation of stretch marks and tones down those already present. Based on organic silicon, collagen, elastin and gotu kola, which provide firmness and elasticity to the tissues...
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