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For, after shaving

For, after shaving
For, after shaving
Anesi Aqua Vital Creme ConfortHydro-nourishing formula especially designed to soothe dry skin. Removes all feeling of tightness and dryness.Nourishes and moisturises skin types that are prone to dryness.Immediately soothes skin damaged by the cold, wind or sun (tightness, irritation, itching).Uae&nb..
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Anesi Aqua Vital HA+ 3d Aqua VitalThe most advanced cream that nourishes the skin from within cells to the outermost layers. Get bright, healthy and lively-looking skin.Thoroughly hydrates the skin in its three dimensions (outer layers, inner layers and cells). Stimulates the removal of cellula..
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Holy Land BE FIRST After Shave BalmAFTER SHAVE BALM is aftershave lotion soothes, moisturises & prevents skin irritation and redness. Aids in reducing age damage and firms the skin.Key ingredients:Amino acidsEquisetumIvy & natural repair complexAloe VeraLiposomesChamomileBisab..
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Skin Regimen hydra fluidA lightweight, emollient and calming fluid that protects and hydrates the skin to leave it soft and hydrated, free from oily residues. Thanks to the soothing properties of the Tasmanian Pepper Extract it is ideal to normalize the skin after shaving. Natural aroma with ar..
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Skin Regimen Shaving gel Delicate shaving gel for daily use. Formulated with Tasmanian Pepper Extract, the self-foaming texture facilitates easy application and rapid shaving, leaving the skin soft and smooth. New natural, energizing and reinvigorating aroma for invigorating action on both mind..
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