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GIGI City Nap Charcoal Peeling SoapCharcoal Peeling Soap is the first cleansing product with a carbon "grid". Its fine-meshed structure attracts pollution of various molecular weights and densities. Provides 100% purification even of the dermis that has passed the primary protective barrier of ..
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GIGI City Nap Urban Day CreamDay Cream normalizes dermal microcirculation, increases ceramide synthesis, promotes cell regeneration, regulates cellular metabolism, provides a powerful anti-aging effect, wrinkle correction, evens out skin tone, is suitable for problem skin and to skin with rosac..
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GIGI City Nap Fresh Water MistWater Mist contains a phenomenal composition of 9 extracts of plant origin and ginseng hydrolate of the highest concentration. Protects the skin from the effects of free radicals and a polluted urban atmosphere. It gives vigor, healthy appearance and brightness to..
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GIGI City Nap Urban Night CreamStimulating the natural rejuvenation of the epidermis, activating cell regeneration, smoothing skin tone, improving its elasticity, moisturizing and nourishing, normalizing the sebaceous glands - all this becomes possible with this night cream. Night Cream contain..
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GIGI City Nap Platinum Heating Mask The new mask, intended for home use, combines in its components two unique complexes and a chemical component that releases heat and energy in contact with the facial skin. The first complex contains amino acids, some of which are hydrophilic, which serve as ..
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GIGI City Nap Urban Sleeping MaskContains maximum concentration of active substances that reconstruct the face while you sleep. Sleeping Mask performs the process of regeneration at night, when your skin is most susceptible and prone to regeneration. The antioxidant complex removes toxins and p..
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GIGI City Nap Super Glow Nurturing DuoGIGI City Nap- Sleeping Mask 50 ml.GIGI City Nap- Day Cream 50 ml...
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GIGI City Nap Urban Beauty MaskStunning wow - effect immediately after applying Beauty Mask! Your skin will glow from the inside, the overall tone will even out. Fine wrinkles will go away, the skin will be deeply moisturized. Age-related changes will be reduced.   Application:  ..
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GIGI City Nap Urban SerumSerum tightens the contour of the face and makes it shine from the inside. It combines the legendary healing energy of spirulina with a set of the strongest high-tech ingredients that provide the synthesis of nanoproteins - aquaporins. They form microscopic tubules thro..
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