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MENARD (Japan)

Menard Authent Eau de Parfum Based on cutting-edge research related to skin formation,a new approach has been developed for creating fragrances. A special fragrance that refreshes and brightens women The oxytocin, which activates stem cells, is secreted when a special fragrance made from ..
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Menard Authent Mask IIFacial mask of AUTHENT Mask II contains a new ingredient “Semi-petal Rose Extract” that prevents the reduction of stem cells in the face. The improved lipid-soluble ingredient. “Sweet Cherry Seed Extract” in the facial mask of AUTHENT Mask II can increase stem cell effect ..
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Menard Authent Neck EssenceActive ingredients: coenzyme Q10, ceramides, wild cherry extract, Dictyophora Indusiata mushroom extract.  Effect: rejuvenation, skin renewal.  Manufacturer’s recommendations: use daily, apply with light gentle massage movements, from top to bottom – from the chi..
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Menard Beauness LotionBeauty secret of Japanese families, the BEAUNESS lotion (non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic) acts against imperfections and helps tightening skin pores. Free from any perfume or coloring agents. It wraps your skin into a refreshing feeling of purity.  SPA Essence wip..
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Menard Beauness Spa Mask SheetDiscover a new beauty mask  The mask sheet can be applied for about 10 to 15 minutes and perfectly matches the face features Makes the skin less likely to become rough or pimply while softly moisturizes the epidermis Generously soaked with Beauness lotion, the mask..
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Menard COLAX Eye Eye cream that produces enhanced suppleness and moisture (an emollient feeling) in the skin.  Makes the eye zone skin supple and firm Instantaneously fills in fine wrinkles and eye rings for a young and restful look Gently protects the skin with a moisturizing veil, produci..
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Menard COLAX  Plumps the skin by acting on its structure for a feeling of intense hydration and incredible firmness.  Stimulates the production of collagenStrengthens the collagen structure of the skinIntensely moisturizes the skin Leaves a light hydro-retaining veil on the skin’s surface..
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Menard Embellir Day Cream Day cream protects skin and gives the sensation of moisture without feeling tacky.  Product features:  Permeates skin with a melting sensation and makes skin feel richly moist and bright from inside.It protects skin during the day and keeps it healthy. This prod..
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Menard Embellir ExtractMenard Embellir Extract Serum is your elixir essence of beauty, a richly-textured anti-aging serum that contains hyaluronic acid to improve your skin’s moisture content and at the same time strengthen the skin’s barrier.  It  instantly penetrates the skin cell evenly..
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Menard Embellir Eye CreamActive ingredients: polysaccharides from lingzhi mushrooms, lady’s mantle extract, moisturizing ingredients.  Effect: tightening the contours of the eyelids, “opening” the eyelids. Anti-aging care.  Manufacturer’s recommendations: use for the care of the skin..
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Menard Embellir LiquidSuper rich moisturizing lotion-emulsion with anti-aging ingredients.  Intensely hydrate the skin A unique texture combining lotion and emulsion Easily and rapidly permeate the skin Leave a soft-touch protective layer on the skin Reduce the appearance of ageing signsUTILISA..
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