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Bruno Vassari Aha SKIN CLEANSERFacial lotion with glycolic acid. It works as a deep cleansing agent and prepares the skin for later treatment...
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Bruno Vassari KIANTY Experience PIOGGIA DI VIGNAToner lotion with grape extract, anti-ageing action with trace elements, minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides, which undertake a regenerating, firming and revitalising action...
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Dr. Renaud BOTANIC Intensive Toning Lotion A 100% gentle, alcohol-free lotion ideal for the most sensitive skin.The skin is perfectly cleansed.The skin is fresh and soothed.VITAMIN B5Micro-healing: by working to repair damaged blood capillaries.Regenerating: boosts the proliferation of epitheli..
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Dr. Renaud Lime Astringent Tonic Lotion Этот лосьон сочетает в себе экстракты косточек грейпфрута, органического лайма – очищающего цитрусового фрукта и гриба, который обладает вяжущими свойствами. Помогает бороться с несовершенствами кожи, значительно сужая поры. Кожа свежа, очищена и тониз..
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GIGI Acnon Spotless Skin RefresherThe essence with a complex of highly active components Spotless Skin Refresher effectively brightens and evens skin tone. Promotes the prevention of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and correction of already existing acne spots. Canadian fireweed and witch ..
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