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Comfort Zone (Италия)

Comfort Zone Active Pureness MaskCreamy mask with green and white clays for a cosmetic astringent and purifying action. It absorbs excess sebum, rendering the skin more luminous and matte, and the pores less evident.Twice a week for impure and oily skins. Recommended during the summer mont..
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Comfort Zone Active Pureness FluidHydrating fluid for impure skins. The unique combination of Vitamin C and mattifying powders in a liposomal base renders this the ideal hydrating product as well as an optimal base for make-up.For impure and oily skins. Recommended during the summer months..
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Comfort Zone Active Pureness GelCleansing gel with 3% gluconolactone for its exfoliating action. Thanks to the presence of purifying actives, the gel deeply cleanses the epidermis and clears the pores. For impure and oily ​skins. Recommended for male skin and in hot, humid c..
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Comfort Zone Active Pureness TonerAstringent toning lotion with 3% gluconolactone for its exfoliating action. Completes the cleansing of the skin, clearing the pores and minimizing their appearance.   For impure and oily skin. Recommended for male skin and in hot, humid climates...
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Comfort Zone Active Pureness CorrectorIntensive purifying treatment with 3% glycolic acid and 3% mandelic acid, to be used directly on the area of breakouts to favor rapid healing. For localized skin blemishes, especially for oily and impure skins...
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Comfort Zone Body Strategist D-AGE CreamA rich and aromatic cream for the entire body, to fight the visible signs of aging, and nourish and improve the skin's elasticity, thanks to its firming action.Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive and very dry, for a daily application, as often a..
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Comfort Zone Body Strategist OilInnovative oil of natural origin with intense elasticising localized action. Highly concentrated in natural oils, the product has an elevated viscosity that makes it suited for localized applications for an intensive action. Recommended against stretch marks and ..
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Comfort Zone Body Strategist ScrubGel with con alpha-poly hydroxy acids, fruit extracts, silica and jojoba microspheres, for chemical and mechanical exfoliation. Stimulates cellular surface rejuvenation. Leaves a soft, silk-like and completely renovated skin. For skin with cellulite blemishes*...
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Comfort Zone Essential Biphasic Make-up Remover Waterproof eye make-up remover suitable for all skin types. The Comfort Zone Essential Makeup Remover Biphasic removes any eye make-up (even waterproof) without leaving any residue. The two-phase solution enriched with Tsubaki oil ensures smo..
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Comfort Zone Essential Essential PeelingExfoliant-mask to eliminate impurities, superficial dead skin cells and excess sebum thanks to the delicate enzymatic action. Reawakens luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth.  ​Ideal for sensitive skin, particularly su..
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Comfort Zone Essential Gentle Foaming CleanserCreamy-foam cleanser for complete removal of impurities and make-up, respecting the skin’s equilibrium and restoring its natural luminosity.Every morning and evening.Particularly suited to young, normal and combination skin and f..
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