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Soaddicted- Mascara. Long eyelashes 8 ml.

Soaddicted- Mascara. Long eyelashes 8 ml.
Soaddicted- Mascara. Long eyelashes 8 ml.
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  • Volume: 8 ml.

Soaddicted Lashaddict Major Extensions Mascara

Makes lashes much longer and thicker. After applying the lash extension fibers, the effect of very long lashes is achieved. The product is based on tubing technology - a specially created very durable
polymer, and 38°C technology - even up to 38 degrees, the mascara still holds extremely well. This technology was developed specifically with the calculation that the temperature of a healthy person is 36.6 degrees.


  • Rotate the brush in the bottle before application. In this way, the mascara is evenly distributed on the brush - the prerequisite for an optimal result.
  • Mascara is always applied away from the eye towards the end of the lashes. First up, then down - that ensures the perfect result at first sight. 

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