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Sensitive Line

Sensitive Line
Sensitive Line
Clarena Sensitive Line Luxury Enzymatic Peeling Fruit peel designed for dry, sensitive and vascular skin. Enzyme Linked-Papain closed in microcapsules and willow extract ensure effective skin cleansing. Unique formula allows quick and easy peeling, e.g., during bath. Applied ..
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Clarena Sensitive Line Sensi Calming Cream Protective and strengthening preparation recommended for sensitive and overactive skin. Rich in vegetable extracts which soothe irritation effects, eliminate congestion and stimulate the skin’s defence processes. Collagen in combina..
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Clarena Sensitive Line Sensitive Milk Exceptionally delicate milk for gentle make-up removal, specially formulated for extremely sensitive skin, prone to allergy, couperose and irritation. Its delicate cleansing components gently remove make-up and other impurities and help ..
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Clarena Sensitive Line Sensitive TonicSoothing tonic intended for sensitive and coupe rose prone to reddening. Composed on a base of active plant extracts, it is free of allergenic substances. The preparation strengthens capillaries, soothes, smoothens, moisturises and refreshes the skin. It brings ..
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Clarena Sensitive Line Sun Protect Cream SPF50+The preparation ensuring the protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Combination of chemical and mineral filters ensures full photostability, prevents from hyperpigmentation, photoallergic reactions, and reduces the risk of rash...
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