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GIGI Retinol Forte- Daily Rejuvenation Lotion Normal&Dry Skin 120 ml.

GIGI Retinol Forte Daily Rejuvenation Lotion Normal&Dry Skin

Daily Rejuvenation Lotion Normal & Dry Skin contains Lactic Acid to remove dead cells from the pores and to protect from environmental hazards. Leaves skin smooth, fresh and healthy. Removes dead skin cells, eliminates damaging impurities, induces a fresh and healthy skin. 

For normal and dry skin. 

Retinol Forte skin care line combines the advantages of AHA active ingredients with Retinol. Retinol, produced from vitamin A, penetrates the epidermis and stimulates cell renewal. The combination of these two components produces in a matter of weeks a healthier, fresher and glowing skin. Visible improvement, without the side effects of redness and scaling, typical to Retin A. After 28 days the results of clinical tests under scientific standards show: 1. 65% improvement in overall skin appearance 2. 85% improvement in photodamaged skin 3. 75% decrease in wrinkle depth 4. 55% increase in epidermal thickness. 

Application:  Apply Retinol Forte Daily Rejuvenation all over the face with cottonwool pad. It is recommended that SPF23 protection or higher is used. Avoid the eye area.

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