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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Lifting & Firming Mask..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Anti Eye-Bags GelEnhances lymphatic and venous drainage. It reduces tissue edema, minimizes the under-eye darkness and puffiness, evens skin tone and improves skin structure and elasticity.   Use:In the morning and evening apply the gel to clean, d..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Bust Firming MaskPlastifying and cleansing algae mask with spirulina and ginkgo extract for face, neck and bust. Moisturises, plastifies, strengthens and rejuvenates skin structure. Use:Mix the required amount of the mask (~100 g) with 300 ml of water (+..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept  Intensive Firm & Lift CreamThe silky soft texture cream deeply rejuvenates and tones up the skin. It nourishes, moisturizes and noticeably reduces signs of skin aging by reducing oxidative stress damage. The innovative active ingredients stimulate synthe..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Lactic Acid Face PeelingThanks to its natural ingredients and ideally balanced pH, this product perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and maintains healthy skin. It effectively prevents skin from roughness and dryness, making it soft and radiant.   Use: ..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Lift & Firm Eye CreamA silky texture cream for the skin around the eyes with innovative combination of high-quality vegetable oils, progressive moisturizing agents and antioxidants effectively inhibits the skin aging, instantly reduces wrinkles and provides la..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Micellar Cleansing WaterGently cleanses your skin, removing decorative and waterproof cosmetics. Suitable for all skin types, also sensitive skin. Micelles effectively bind impurities, preserving the natural balance of the skin.Use: moisten a cosmetic swab with wa..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Moisturising & Glowing Gel MaskThe instant-action luxury gel mask has an intense moisturising effect. After the first use, the skin becomes more hydrated, refreshed and supple.  The mask quickly restores the epidermal barrier and provides deep long-lasting ski..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Moisturising Cleansing FoamMoisturising Cleansing Foam: this gentle and soft foam perfectly cleanses, moisturizes and maintains health of the skin.Product use: Apply the foam with gentle circular movements. Rinse off with warm water. Prepares the skin fo..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Moisturising Dermoprotect Cleanser For FaceGently cleanses and moisturizes your skin. It removes make-up efficiently but gently and prevents skin roughness and dryness, making it soft and radiant and perfectly prepares the skin for further cosmetic products. Clean..
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GMT BEAUTY Natura Concept Protective Day Cream SPF 20Innovative UVA/UVB technology provides a wide range of protection from sun damage, urban pollution and skin damage resulting from free radicals. The light and silky cream moisturises and restores facial skin, does not clog pores, absorbs easi..
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