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Anesi Harmonie Creme EclatCream that restores the natural protection barrier of sensitive skin. Enriched with the phyto-marine complex Vidalys, helps to minimize redness and tightness.Protects and restablishes the skin hydrolipidic mantle.Eliminates the tautness sensation and provides sensitive skin..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Anesi Harmonie Emulsion Demaquillante CaresseHigh tolerance formula delicately cleanses sensitive skin. Liquorice extract and the survival molecule Abyssinia calm and repair external aggressions.Softly removes makeup and cleanses the skin respecting the hydrolipidic layer.Softens and soothes the ski..
Ex Tax:14.46€
Anesi Harmonie Gommage Caresse Combines the exfoliating properties of tomato AHA, with the soothing ones of Liquorice, to enhance a softer complexion with increased tone. 50 ml.Activates cellular renewal.Delicately refines and smoothes the skin texture.Provides the skin with new luminosity..
Ex Tax:9.09€
 Anesi Harmonie Lotion CaresseCompletes the skin’s cleansing process, delicately removing makeup remains.Tones and refreshes the epidermis, respecting its natural hydration* level.Boosts the rebuilding of the skin’s protective barrier.Main ingredients: Red Vine Extract, Horse Chestnut, Aloe Ver..
Ex Tax:13.22€
Anesi Harmonie Masque Capital SereniteMoisturizes and softens the skin to eliminate tightness and roughness.Strengthens the skin’s self-defense system.Instantly reduces redness and relieves irritation.Main ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Hypericum Oil, Oily Egg Yolk Extract, Vidalys Soothing Complex.&nb..
Ex Tax:9.09€
Anesi Harmonie  Serum Harmonie ExtremeA fusion of natural extracts with powerful calming properties for sensitive skin. This micro emulsified gel with a silky texture glides onto the skin for intense moisturization without a tight feeling. Instantly reduces tightness and itchiness.Soothes,..
Ex Tax:19.83€
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